What you learn matters, but it also matters who you learn it from

JOHN MAXWELL TEAM   17.11.2017

World No. 1 in leadership, John Maxwell, enters with his teachings in your company!

Reforms are not enough without new financing options in romanian healthcare system

EY ROMANIA   18.12.2014

Healthcare is still struggling following the Romanian Government’s failure to privatize the system in 2012 and the underfunding resulted from more than five years with one of the lowest health contribution in Europe

The chain of weaknesses

EY ROMANIA   17.12.2014

For both products and services, manufacturers and suppliers must have an integrated strategy, omnichannel type, focusing on all interaction points with the costumer

Tracing the entrepreneurial spirit in Romanian industries

EY ROMANIA   11.11.2013

The contribution of entrepreneurs and corporations is now more important than ever, with countries facing some of the most challenging societal issues of our time: difficult economic conditions because of the recession of the last years and high levels of unemployment.

Ranking methodology for Major Companies in Romania

EY ROMANIA   10.11.2013 and EY Romania developed the present study by analyzing a composite mix of indicators based on the results reported by companies registered in Romania for 2012.

EY ROMANIA 08.11.2013
Innovating for growth - Seven key enablers to leadership mindset in strategic innovation
The new edition of Major Companies in Romania available from November 15th