|  2013-01-10

Mobile technology poised to enable a new era in health care

Smart mobile technology is poised to transform global health care — with a little help from other technology megatrends, such as social networking, cloud computing and big data analytics. And this is a grand statement, we know.

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...and many factors will influence the depth, breadth and speed of health care’s badly needed transformation, as costs escalate, the global population ages and the developing world demands better and more available access to care. Luckily, we’ve seen smart mobility’s impact before. Again and again, in so many industries, smart mobile devices and their applications have transformed the way people live, work and play. This is because mobile devices act as the linchpin for the other technology megatrends, delivering into people’s hands the critical information and insight they need in a given moment, wherever they are. The information and insights may be produced via social networks, analytics or both; they may be processed and stored in a public or private cloud. And they’re delivered via smart mobile devices and apps.


This report complements the work done for Ernst & Young’s Global Life Sciences Center’s study, Progressions, The third place: health care everywhere (see page 53, “Source notes”).


Progressions presents a clear vision of how behavioral change and moving health care out of hospitals and doctors’ offices to wherever patients are will play key roles in improving health care outcomes, expanding access and lowering cost. In researching our own report, we synthesized the insights of our Global Technology Center professionals with extensive secondary research — and again, we saw innumerable examples of the smart mobile “linchpin” dynamic described above at work to bring about the Progressions vision of “health care everywhere.”


Technology companies able to bring to market products and services that accelerate the global health care industry toward that vision may well be positioned to participate in an historic technology-enabled solution to one of humanity’s most pressing problems — as well as an historic growth opportunity. With this in mind, we invite you to explore the results of our synthesis in the “Overview” that follows and four subsequent drill-downs examining the effects of this mHealth transformation on health care consumers — patients, physicians, providers and payers.


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