|  2018-01-12

New record: in 2017, the division of Mercedes-Benz Vans has exceeded the threshold for the first time of 400,000 units sold

All models of division have recorded the best sales in history - including the legendary Sprinter, in the last year before the appearance of the new model.

Volker Mornhinweg, Head of Mercedes-Benz Vans: "The development strategy at the global level of Mercedes-Benz Vans has been highly effective in 2017. I established the sales records for the fourth year consecutively, which represents an exceptional performance for our global team. At the same time, we have high expectations from 2018: through the new Sprinter, we will mark the most important international launch at the level of the segment of light commercial vehicles. The new model Sprinter will make the first steps at the level of this segment of the market as regards the adaptation to the digital age."


For more information, please see the Romanian version of the article, here.


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