|  2013-04-23

American Express cards can be used for payments at Unicredit Tiriac Bank terminals

UniCredit Tiriac Bank signed an agreement with Bancpost, the licence holder for American Express cards in Romania and thus, the cards can be used for payment operations in Unicredit’s terminals.

In Romania, Bancpost issues three types of such cards: American ExpressGold, American Express Green  and EuroLine American Express (through  ERB Retail Services).Following this partnership, Unicredit and Bancpost become the sole banks in Romania to accest the American Express cards and the transactions at POS don’t involve any commision for clients.


UniCredit Tiriac Bank has a network of 12,800 payment terminals in Romania, while Bancpost operates 8,000 POS terminals.


UniCredit Tiriac Bank is part of UniCredit Group, top European bank with more than 3,900 branches in Europe, the most extended network in CEE. In Romania, UniCredit Tiriac Bank is one of the main financial institutions, providing services and quality products for all client categories. At the end of December 2012, the bank had a national network of 208 branches, for approximately 595.000 clients. UniCredit Tiriac Bank aims to be customer centered, an easy to deal with partner and also very active in the communities in which operates.

UniCredit Group is present on the Romanian market through its partners: UniCredit Leasing Corporation, UniCredit CAIB Romania, UniCredit Insurance Broker, Pioneer Asset Management, UniCredit Consumer Financing (UCFin) and UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions (UBIS).


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