|  2016-08-22

BADSI set into motion the new brand communication along with the marketing and public relations agency - More Than Pub

BADSI, the Nissan dealer No. 1 in Romania, announces their collaboration with the marketing and public relations agency, More Than Pub starting with August 2016. In the midst of the reorganizing, the auto company motivates its decision by changing the marketing strategy and communication strategy and repositioning the brand.

"We want to be closer to customers, to prove that we can be professional and flexible at the same time and that professionalism does not exclude human relationships, subjective and individual.

We have a strategy, we believe, which is well-planned, a team of people passionate about what they do, with a great desire to succeed and with an experience of over 20 years, in which we understood what we are good at, what should be improved and what to exclude so that our mission - to grow based on a solid recommendation system - is easy to achieve. We believe in creating personalized experiences, which is why our goal is to differentiate ourselves in the market in which we operate, giving customers the most pleasant experience of acquisition and servicing of motor vehicles in Romania" , says Ramona Badea, Marketing & Quality Director of BADSI.


For more information, please see the Romanian version of the article, here.


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