|  2013-04-17

CFA Forecast Dinner - Capital market, forecast or actions

CFA Forecast Dinner, the most significant yearly event organized by CFA Romania will take place on April 23, at Intercontinental hotel in Bucharest .

The event will address the major topic  ”Capital market – forecast or action” and will be hosted by Dorin Alex Badea, president of CFA Romania.


“After 23 years of economy, booming intervals and several crisis, hyperinflation and disinflation, the startup of over 1.7 million new companies and the closing of over 700.000, Romania displays positive data, with a GDP of 400 percent larger, favorable rating, stable inflation. The capital market figures  still are – as capitalization – 19.2 percent of GDP, with an average volume of transactions of 1 percent of GDP, that places Romania among the emergent countries and rather undeveloped capital markets”.  



  • Dragos Neacsu, Presedinte AAF & CEO SAI Erste Asset Management
  • Marius Popescu, CFA, Presedinte APAPR & CEO ING Fond de Pensii
  • Arthur Thomson, CFA, PCR EMEA Est, CFA Institute, Partner Integre Investment Management
  • Robert Rekkers, Presedinte CA Agricover, fost Presedinte Banca Transilvania
  • Victor Semionov, Chief Financial Officer, New Europe Property Investments (tbc)


The event will also benefit from the presence of key-managers from banking, capital markets, insurance and private pensions, businessmen, mass media and the CFA Romania members.


CFA Romania is the professional association for financial analysts and member association of CFA Institute in USA.


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