|  2013-04-10

EU funds absorption increase can be done only through governance improvement

The increase in the absorption of European Funds can only be done through the governance improvement, National Council of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises of Romania (CNIPMMR) President Ovidiu Nicolescu told a specialist press conference on Tuesday

'The process of decentralization-regionalisation cannot be interpreted as a major factor stimulating the increase in the European funds absorption. To achieve this objective the governance act must be improved, which, subsequently can present the prospects of a deeper decentralization. According to the data from the European Commission, Romania is ranked last among the 27 European Union member states. At the same time, the governance quality in Romania is the most reduced in the Union, 18.71 times smaller than the European average and 33.52 times smaller than the level in Denmark,' Ovidiu Nicolescu said.

Thus, CNIPMMR recommends keeping the current rules and adjusting the mechanisms of interaction with the public institutions. Moreover, CNIPMMR recommends the more active participation of the Regional Development Agencies in international projects, provided directly by the EC, to collaborate with more developed areas of Europe and to develop partnerships with powerful regions on certain activity areas.


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