GfK analyzes the complete modern shopper’s journey online and offline

GfK Romania launches PurchaseJourney.dx, an innovative methodology that analyzes in premiere the consumer behavior in an integrated way, both in digital and traditional environment, throughout the entire process of taking a purchasing decision

modern shopper

The new approach monitors the online behavior of a consumer who is planning to buy a particular product or service (websites visited, time spent on each site, the keywords searched etc.), combines this information with weekly surveys to evaluate the offline interaction between consumer and brands (eg. stores, dealers) and assess the influence of each touchpoint involved in the final purchase decision.


"The purchase decision process has become particularly complex with the touchpoints multiplication. According to GfK multiclient study "The Internet and the purchase decision", 84% of Romanian Internet users in urban areas have taken into consideration to buy other brands than they originally had in mind, after they searched for information online. New GfK research solution allows a 360° understanding of the modern consumer in terms of motivation, attitude and behavior, both online and offline", said Raluca Răschip, Consumer Goods &Retail Director GfK Romania.


With this solution, companies will be able to identify the right mix between online and offline, to optimize their messages for key touchpoints, in the most important moments for taking the decision to purchase.


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