|  2013-05-29

Long term strategy, focus on competitiveness and partnership between academic and economic sectors – The fundamentals for an innovative cluster

Deloitte Cluj-Napoca and Babes-Bolyai University (UBB) have organized at the Faculty of European Studies a debate designed to analyze the challenges and opportunities of developing innovative clusters in Romania

 The debate based on previous projects that have already established successful stories in Transylvania and beyond.


 Adriana Lobda, Partner Audit & Risk Services (Audit Enterprise Risk Services) Deloitte Romania and coordinator of the local office in Cluj-Napoca, said: "We have enjoyed working with a prestigious university both locally and internationally, on a topical issue especially in Transylvania. The need for a comprehensive framework for debate on such clusters emerged in the last year. These successful business models have already  been established, setting high expectations for future initiatives. In addition, the ability to innovate is undoubtedly one of the main competitive advantages of the economic environment in Cluj ".


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