|  2013-05-24

Marcel Iures talks about excellence and his passion for cars in ”Mercedes-Benz: Excellence Guide” interviews

Marcel Iures, one of the greatest Romanian theater and film actors, gave an exclusive interview for Mercedes-Benz Romania, discussing his perspective on the notion of excellence, but also about the car he drives

Marcel Iures double laureate of best theater actor in Romania, briefly delineates the concept of excellence, from his point of view: "Excellence is the very top of a list of qualities, I do not think we can classify it in any way. It's excellent, simply the top of any thing, situation, state, success".


During 2013, the series of interviews "Mercedes-Benz: Excellence Guide" will continue with other personalities who have excelled in their field of activity.


The interviews conducted so far can be found on the Mercedes-Benz Romania website:


The interview with Marcel Iures is available at:


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