SPO price for the institutional investors tranche set at RON 179

The government announced the offer price for the Secondary Public Offering where it sold 15% in gas transporter Transgaz. The price for institutional investors was set at RON 179. The SPO price interval was between RON 171 to RON 230.

 The price for the large subscriptions tranche is equal to the price for the institutional investors tranche. The price for the small subscriptions tranche is the price from the institutional investors tranche with a discount of  5% for the subscriptions submitted in the first three days of the offer period (RON 170.05) and 3% for the subscriptions starting the fourth day of the offer period (RON 173.63). There was no realocation of shares between tranches.

Today is also the allocation date, the transaction date is April 22, 2013 and the settlement date is April 25, 2013. The subscribers in the large subscriptions tranche will be allocated 0.389715 shares for each share subscribed and the investors in the small tranche will be allocated 0.288253 shares for each share subscribed.


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